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By Overlooking Form PF, Hedge Managers Invite Risk

By Jonathan P. White

At a recent thought leadership dinner with chief financial and operating officers of several well-known hedge funds, they were asked the question, "Who here is preparing for Form PF?" You might be surprised to know that the majority response was, "What's Form PF?"

Family Office Operational Efficiency
Jessica Hickman

It's not your grandfather's family office! Well, maybe it is, but today's family offices have grown in sophistication and complexity, especially with their investment programs. CIOs of single family offices have a daunting task of developing solutions around technology, operational management and asset allocation while keeping their mandate of capital preservation and income generation.

The Future of Hedge Fund Capital Raising
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For hedge fund managers, access to investor capital is often the biggest obstacle to the success of their fund. In today's market, capital raising is also one of the easiest ways to rise above the competition—by simply outgrowing them. Victor Park, founder and chief executive officer of Alternative Assets, and organizer of  the Alternative Asset Summit, spoke recently to FINalternatives about the role of capital raisers and what they bring to the hedge fund industry.